Joy and Fun

PMR memories
Last Wednesday and Thursday were a memorable days in my life. I had a lot of fun with my friends and teachers. On Wednesday, I spent the whole day with them busy making ‘payung terjun’ from plastic bag and making paper helicopters. Honestly, it fun ya! On the next day which is Thursday, I had the opportunity playing baseball. I never thought that my team would won the game as all my teammates never take in part in that game. Then i also try paying some traditional games such ‘baling getah’ and ‘pangkah guli’. Totally awesome! My team won the‘baling getah’ game but not for ‘pangkah guli’ game cause it kind of hard to play. After recess I tried one last game * actually it’s not a game but a challenge * called ‘gubahan and binaan’. Well its kind of interesting cause I had to build a strong building from straw along with a pair of scissor and I had to ‘gubah’ a cucumber, a carrot and a tapioca into others things. This game is the most challenging cause I had to do it with two other my boy teammate but not the girl. Thankfully the two boys manage to do some ‘ukiran’ on those vegetables. Overall my team won 2 games in row while the others team only won one game or nothing at all. I swear it the best day ever in my life.

* foot note : suddenly I remember the song of friendship ‘Seasons In The Sun’ by westlife