The Best Day

Yesterday was a fairytale. It really fun yesterday cause me and my fabulous friends had a really good time together at our school. We’re doing things that we’re never done before. We were re-decorate our class. We were painting, cleaning, and crushing everything. First in history. Seriously, we never think to do it but we really did it. It is indeed a new experience. It takes quite long time to paint the whole class but we manage to finish it before 5 pm. 

Extra entry! We also had fun in the sun. We played ‘baling tepung’ to each other. Actually, it is part of our ‘perpisahan’ for Amir who is leaving to Teknik in Seremban. Really fun when playing the ‘baling tepung’ game. All of us were covered by flour. It was the best day ever.

* foot note : I’m really gonna miss him a lot cause he is my best friend since I was small *