Hang Out

Today, I went out to chill myself with several my friends. Actually I’m out because I want to see my beloved younger brother graduate ceremony from his pre-school. He’s will be a primary school student next year. Oh brother, it’s like just yesterday you have grown up very faster. Anyway, after the ceremony, my friends and I walk to seven eleven to buy slurpee *my favorite* and had our breakfast at KFC. Then, we went to our friend sister’s ‘kenduri’ after that. Then, we hang out at a new fried chicken restaurant at Bentong called Barn’s Fried Chicken. Honestly, today I had eaten chicken all the time. I guess today is the eating chicken day. Haha, never mind lah. But I’m felt kind of sad cause I even didn’t had the opportunity to ‘berkepit’ with my boyfie. So sad cause everyone else walking with partner but I only walked by myself. It’s okay to walked alone cause I don’t need to treat my partner. Haha, sorry guys your money is my money and my money is my money lah.

* foot note : I love you brother. wish you the best in primary school next year :)