Tart Fever

My tar is worst than this at the first try

Today, I learned something new in my life. Curious? Then you should be. Actually I’m just finished learned how to make a cheese tart and a custard tart which is teaches by my sister. Honestly, its not really complicate cause the ingredients are simple. Not simple but too easy for an 'amatur' like me * proud of myself for a second. For the first time I did it, my custard did not came out well but then I try harder and it became more beautiful when I make it for the second time. Only god know how exited I am at that time. Then, my sister asked me to make some more for my relatives at Raub. So I make some more but within minutes some of the custard that I make missing cause already been eaten by my dad. I don’t really care cause I can make more and more for my beloved family. Well, I’m really glad that I learned how to make the custard. If not I never know and have the skill how to make the custard and maybe I’ll regret it for the rest of my life. 
Maybe after this I could make a cream puff. Dream on nurul aiman.

* foot note : if you guys want the 'resipi' just copy it at 'my resipi' *