Lepak Jap

Today was a memorable day. We hang out in the town. Actually, not town. Outside town. Wait, I mean old town. Hahaha. Whatever lahh kan. Anyway, today Amir treat us lunch at old town white coffee. Never though that he would treat us. Yeah, since he rarely came back to Pahang we never had the chance to hang out and meet him. Alhamdulillah, today we had that chance to do that today. 

After we had our luxury lunch at old town, we went walking and doing some photoshoot (more to syok sendiri actually) at the nearby Kampung Chamang. Seriously, very – very embarrassing. We’re shooting like kids. I guess the kids would say that we’re weird teenagers. Never mind lahh, this is the real sides of us when we’re in front of cameras. The real personalities.