Cerita Semasa Kecil by Piring Hitam melody on playing

Kami suka sorang budak nama dia Aiman
Dia suka minum air banyak-banyak
Kami kawan rapat Aiman

Aiman suka tolong kami bila kami susah
Aiman sangat pandai dalam kelas ini
Aiman suka tolong orang


Bila kita marah Aiman, dia suka tacing
Bila dia tacing susah gila nak pujuk
Kami…sayang Aiman sangat

Lagu ini kami cipta untuk Nurul Aiman
Nurul Aiman baik suka tolong kami
Kami…nak mintak maaf…

By Arep and Kimin

Dear guys, I really miss our time together. This song means a lot to me since it was created by my best friends. They said I’m easy to ‘merajuk’ with them. Yes, I admit it but they also the ones that makes me always smile. Arep was so creative in making song lyrics. And Kimin? That boy always makes me laugh. I still remember the moment when we were lepak together and play games. I miss that moments damn much. Silly friends, I love you guys :)