Thank You May :)

Dear May, goodbye and thanks for all the sad and happy memories.
All the sadness, tears, happiness, joy and fun. I will remember forever.


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I’m glad that I know you since I’m in form 1 till now. You treat me like your sister, friend and mostly just like your twin. You were so good in singing and making funny, annoying faces in front of me. You’re the one that taught me Mathematics and I’m the one that taught you English, you’re the one that like to entertain us with jokes and stories. You always there when we all have problem and you’re the one that makes us cry, laugh and enjoyed lepak with you. Even though sometimes you makes me really annoy with you but I don’t mad at all cause you’re my twin. My twin, no matter where life takes you just promise me one thing that you’ll never forget about me and your friends here okay. My brother, I can’t never find someone like you. You are forever and ever my super awesome twin.

Sincerely, me.