Kem Jejak Kerjaya 2012

Assalamualaikum to the muslims, hai and hello ^_^

Last Friday until Monday, my friends and I joined a camp named “Kem Jejak Kerjaya 2012" organized by PETRONAS & PETROSAINS. The camp was held at Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS in Tronoh, Perak14 different schools from every state joined the camp which is held for 4 days. So, here’s my story along the camp

Students SEMEKAR with abang-abang fasilitator

BOHR as the Most Cooperative Group

DAY 1 – 7 December 2012

 Journey to UTP is very the long one. Sakit sendi bagai duduk dalam bas lelama. After the long journey we finally arrived at UTP at 5.30 o’clock. As we enter the main entrance, everyone eyes were like WOW! How amazing this place is. Almaklumlah first time jejak kaki dekat UTP so jakun lew siket. Tehee. At first we all thought that we were the first team that arrived but when we head down to undercroft we were like ‘Ohmai! Kita bukan team first lah weh.’ Rupanya team Johor yang sampai dulu. *segan kejap *

Next part is ice breaking session which is conducted by Abang Azizi, Abang Razin, Abang Boyak, Abang Chua & Abang Rashid. Every school were divided into 14 groups. That mean each group has different kind of schools lah. The 14 groups are Archimedes, Planck, Tesla, Hawking, Edison, Galileo, Einstein, Bohr, Hooke, Watson, Curie, Neutron and others. When it comes to ice breaking session everyone was really really really awkward but we manage to deal it them. Tehee.

“Be Original Here Right! BOHR! BOHR! BOHR!” Wohooo! *clap hands* 

Our very first games at the camp is * drum roll *


-          Susahnya Nak Hantar
-          Running Can
-          Gerimis Mengundang

Eggciting Tower

DAY 2 – 8 December 2012

We did “Move Up Your Day” activities on 6.45 am which is conducted by Abang Azizi, Abang Boyak, Abang Chua, Abang Rashid & Abang Razin. Dah nama pun Move Up Your Day so of course lah kena exercise punya. So we all ‘tawaf’ lah satu court futsal & basketball tu. Tired but fun.

In the morning, we all had some personality test which is conducted by Abang Nazri. Then, it’s time for some ‘ceramah’ from UTP officers and guests about

-          scholarship
-           how to get into UTP
-          engineering and others

It quite fun you know cause we can gain more knowledge about PETRONAS in many ways. After the ‘ceramah’, we played our second games. Jeng jeng jeng.

Bohr's Bridge

o   Building Bridge
  -Bohr win first prize. Yay! ^^
o   Hangman
  -Bohr did not win did not lose
o   Catapult
  -Bohr almost win but takde rezeki lew

It was the most tired day along the camp. Yelah, seharian terperap dalam undercroft tu.
Penat lah jugak.

DAY 3 – 9 December 2012

In the morning, after “Move Up Your Day”, we played “Pressure Hunt” which is conducted
by Abang Azizi, Abang Rashid, Abang Razin, Abang Boyak, Abang Chua, Kak Fana & Kak Miza. It’s alike treasure hunt but the only different is we, the participants will be fully stress doing this activity cause we had to finish the task with the science concept & our abang & akak fasilitator cannot help us *sedeh* memang stress betul tapi takdelah stress mana pun. Kahkahkah. Doing this activity it quite take a long time. From morning till afternoon we all do it. Alhamdulillah, my group manage do it in time. Phew -.-

Pressure Hunt

Bohr's Submarine

Pak Cik Kayo

The day continued with another more interesting game. This time the games is all about engineering. Memang awesome habis lah kan. Hehehehe. The games are

                         o Pressure Hunt     
o   Robo-Mechanical
-Really awesome cause Bohr win first prize
o   Submarine
-Awesome jugak even Bohr did not win
o   Pak Cik Kayo
-Neutral kott cause Bohr did not win did not lose but we did lose many money 

DAY 4 – 10 December 2012

Water War

Finally it’s the last day. In the morning we played our last game before the closing ceremony. Guess what? It’s Water War guys! We had to battle to protect our ‘kubu pertahan’ from the enemies. We had a bottle of water as our weapon and a newspaper cloth as our ‘baju besi’. There are team A and team B. at first, ‘kubu pertahanan’ team A hancur dulu. But at last both team punya ‘kubu pertahanan’ hancur lebur. So when our ‘kubu pertahanan’ destroyed both team target is abang & akak fasilitator. Seriously fun. Berterabur masing-masing masa main. Happy je semuanya. Most of us were soaked fully into the water. LOL. After water war finish we all got free T-shirt from PETROSAINS. *happy kejap

Around 9.00 am it finally the closing ceremony of “Kem Jejak Kerjaya 2012”. It was held at undercroft with the VIP, teachers, abang & akak fasilitator, crew and all the participants. Hmm. Quite sad cause feel like don’t spend much time with them especially Bohr members.  Along the ceremony, everyone looks sad but happy in the same time. Dapat balik woi. Boleh tidur puas puas XD At the end of the ceremony, we were touched with abang & akak fasilitator special gift to us. They make a very the awesome video about us. Sebak kejap. Actually ada je yang nak nangis & dah nangis. Lewls. Touched sangat dengan video tu. Even simple but it valuable.

Thanks a lot abang & akak fasilitator. You will be missed :’)