Assalamualaikum, hai and hello ^_^

Holidays here I come! Hewhew. So, here's the story. My family & I went to Perak for two reasons. One of the reason is of course lah holidays! Yay! But the actual reasons is to send my sister, Amila back to UiTM, Perak. Poor sister, we all still on holidays but she had to head back to the university immediately. Never mind lah kan. Okay enough about my sister. Here's the story of my holidays in Lumut & Teluk Batik, Perak. Jeng jeng jeng *drum roll* On the first day there was nothing special actually so let just skip to the second day okay. Are we cool? Okay, let's continue. 

On the second day was really awesome and amazing and fantastic you know. We went to Teluk Batik which is located not so far from Lumut. It quite near to Lumut. Anyway, as soon as we reach there we went for a boat ride. It fun you know. It my first time so I'm quite scared and dizzy at first but I manage to survive at last. Phew -.- Next, guess what? I finally get the chance to ride the "banana boat". That moment I'm very the excited. After a very very very very long wait for the banana boat, we finally on board. Uuuuu excited kejap. Kehkehkeh. It really fun weh cause the banana will drop us at anywhere it like. Bad banana. Hahaha. Best, memang best sangat. Next after banana my sister, my brother and I ride the "sidekick" *not exactly the actual name* This one memang terbaik! Best tahap asdfghjkl. Feel like riding a roller coaster. Fly there, fly here. Hahahahaha. Scream all the way. Feel like wanna die also. Nevermind lah all that as long as I'm happy. Weeeeheeeeeee. I don't know what to write so I think I just gonna stop here for a moment. Hopefully I can go there and ride all the boat things again and again and again. Hee. Adios.

Some previews of my holidays in Lumut, Perak & Teluk Batik, Perak

Simple speech before riding sidekick *not actual name

Safety safety safety life jacket :3

Finally! Banananana

Sidekick is boarding ~

*foot note : Idk why I felt lonely when my sister went back to her university. Hmm.*